Mastering Gas Mechanism in Ethereum and EVM Chains

This post helps you understand how gas works in an Ethereum (EVM) blockchain. Including how memory types, and Ethereum Opcode ...

A journey into Ethereum 2.0, what’s next? 🥳

Ethereum 2.0 was without a doubt an unprecedented event in blockchain history. With so many speculations around its inception, on ...

Talks with Kevin Soltani

My marvelous guest, Kevin Soltani talks about Bitcoin, Crypto Events, Stablecoins, NFTs & Metaverse in my "recash talks" Moodcast. "recash talks" is ...

Cryptocurrency Volatility and 8 Tips to Understand It

Cryptocurrency volatility is a key issue in adopting a decade old phenomenon like Bitcoin. Old-timers in crypto investment mostly accepted ...

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